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1272 Horse Prairie Ave. Suite B
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High Speed Rubber Doors

RapidFlex™ Rubber Doors

The RapidFlex™ high speed rubber rolling doors are designed for extreme, heavy-duty applications.  The rugged petrochemical resistant NBR rubber curtain is reinforced with polyester weave for added strength without the weight.  This door features a patent-pending curtain lock design and was independently tested for pressure resistance and can withstand up to 180 mph and is operatable up to 75 mph.  The heavy-duty guide construction for this door is designed for harsh conditions.

The RapidFlex High Speed rubber door features breakaway and self-reset, infrared obstruction detection, wireless reversing safety edges, and an industry-leading five year door system warranty.

High Speed Exterior Rubber Door - 995

High Speed Exterior Rubber Door - 995

RapidFlex™ Model 995 is a heavy-duty exterior high speed rubber door that features a multi-reinforced NBR rubber curtain and high strength guide construction to withstand harsh exterior conditions. Its industry-leading pressure resistance features an independently tested static pressure resistance of 180 mph and is operatable up to 75 mph. The RapidFlex™ Model 995 includes industry-leading standard safety features such as reversing edge, two sets of infrared obstruction detection sensors and door stop device. Perfect for parking garages, food/beverage, mining, auto/transit and manufacturing facilities. 


  • Standard max width - 30'
  • Standard max height - 30'
  • Speed - Up to 50" per second
  • Break-away self-reset - Designed to break away from the side guides to minimize damage and simply reset and self-repair after the event
  • Pressure / wind resistance - Up to 27.0 PSF or 180 mph
  • Wind strut - not available
  • Operational Pressure - Up to 5.0 psf or 75 mph
  • Curtain Material - 5 layers of NBR rubber; 4 layers of polyester weave
  • Vision Option - 20” high windows spaced evenly across width of door
  • Operation - Direct drive motor and gearbox system with a door stop device
  • Control Panel -
    • Variable frequency drive
    • NEMA 4X cULus listed
    • Onboard self diagnostic and service reminder
    • Built-in padlockable field disconnect
  • Obstruction Detection - 2 sets of infrared sensor mounted proximity to the door path
  • Reversing safety edge - Wireless monitored reversing edge
  • Electrical availability - 230V AC 3PH; 460V AC 3PH; 575V AC 3PH
  • Warranty - 5 year limited
  • Actuation options - push button, key switch, pull switch, motion detector, radio control, loop detector, treadle switch
  • Signal device options - red/green LED warning light, horn/strobe combination, rotating warning light

Engineered for high cycles

  • Springless design for minimal interruption and maintenance
  • Direct-mounted gear drive minimizes wear and tear
  • Variable frequency drive eliminates sudden jolts from door start/stop

Rugged construction

  • Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) material is multi-reinforced with 5 layers of rubber and 4 layers of polyester weave for added strength without the weight
  • Features an operational wind load up to 5.0 PSF at 20’ wide

Patent-pending curtain lock

  • Allows door to withstand pressure and makes the door field repair-able

Low maintenance

  • Break-away design with impact detection and push button self-repair
  • Plug and play wiring (reduces the need for licensed electrician)
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